Y? m?o f?n z?ng! / Part the Wildcat's mane!

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Alex Galvan
About Me

When Sifu Alex Galvan and his wife Rosa went to Singapore to visit their daughter and family in Singapore, he never expected the outcome would change his life forever. Of all places in the East, he least expected that his journey to search out and learn, and hopefully to master the mysteries of martial arts would finally come to a startling conclusion in the Lion City.

Before I continue, let me first trace for the reader, the fascinating martial arts journey of Alex…

It all started out when Alex came across Tai Chi practitioners in a park in Sydney more than 29 years ago. Back then, life was simpler.

Tai Chi was still pretty new and riding on a wave of mushrooming popularity.

And so, naturally Alex decided that he also wanted to have a piece of the action.

At that time, Alex and his wife Rosa were working so hard to accomplish for themselves and the family all that normal families aspire to, and hope to gain – financial security, the usual mundane creature comforts, etc. However, hard work has a price.

The toll on health and toil on the spirit can be debilitating and depressing. For Alex and Rosa, Tai Chi could not have come at a more appropriate time. They took to it like thirsty desert travellers to water at an oasis. Many other pastimes, or whatever that’s left of them, pale into significance as they immerse themselves in the learning and practice of Tai Chi.