Yě māo fēn zōng! / Part the Wildcat's mane!

Music for Practice

24 - Form Tai Chi Melody
(version used in class)

24 Form Tai Chi Melody .MP3
(with spoken cues in Chinese) *

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

(First Movement) .MP3

At 6 minutes 21 seconds, this works VERY nicely. Plus, it's nice to have something a little different. Try it!

24 - Form Tai Chi Melody,

music only
Same as above (different arrangement for the "Cloud Hands" section), but without cues.

Soft Piano

Simply beautiful. There is 'wind noise' at the beginning
of this recording, but it fades after a while. It's supposed
to be there.


* NOTE: This version has a different arrangement for the "Cloud Hands"  section AND it has spoken cues -- given in Chinese. Even if you don't speak Chinese, this can be very helpful in order to SLOW you DOWN.  Just listen for the form name or count: 1 (yee); 2 (arr); 3 (san); 4 (shuh). The words zuo (TSOO-oh) and you (YO-ooh) mean left and right, respectively.  Every Tai Chi 'player' ought to have a little knowledge the Chinese names of the
forms (see guide on the page 24-Form Tai Chi).