Yě māo fēn zōng! / Part the Wildcat's mane!

Just Learning
This website intends only to provide information and inspiration to those, who like me, are interested in 24-Form Tai Chi. I don't pretend to be an expert or an authority of any kind!  I'm just learning! Having outside-of-class resources has helped me tremendously, and it is my hope that this collection will be of use to others.

Legal disclaimer: Any materials
not of my creation were gathered from Internet sources are assumed to be in the public domain, and presented here for non-commercial educational use only. Please inform me immediately of any known violations and I will remove them. Errors can also creep in and I would welcome corrections, especially regarding Chinese language sections.

Why so much Chinese?
I've included Chinese language elements in this information not only because I love languages, but because it seems to me that Tai Chi is quintessentially Chinese. Even if it has a universal appeal, I don't know how one could completely separate Tai Chi from the culture out which it has arisen. If you want to learn about wine, you'll need to know a little French. Want to know about beer? German. Tango? Spanish! Tai Chi? Chinese, of course!

None of this means that you cannot take the experience of Tai Chi and make it your own, regarless of your own language or cultural background. Come to think of it, that's the beauty of Tai Chi -- making it your own!

I am very grateful to my patient and kind teacher, CPW, for all her encouragement and inspiration.
 Kamsa hamnida!

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